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Current opportunities

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Project Assistant (Beef Cattle Institute) Manhattan, Kansas
The Beef Cattle Institute (BCI) with the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Project Assistant. This position will assist the BCI Director with select projects as well as assist the BCI Project Coordinator with the planning and production of online training modules including script writing, module development, and recording at conferences. This position will also assist the Research Director with data collection and validation of research projects as needed, which will include but not be limited to data capture, data entry and validation. Coordination of research project events may also be assisted by this position.
Research Compliance Coordinator (Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory) Manhattan, Kansas
The Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) is seeking applicants for a Research Compliance Coordinator. This position will be expected to assist in the oversight of the quality system necessary to ensure that information generated by the laboratory is in compliance with regulatory standards, primarily American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD), but also may assist with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), and GXP.
Research Assistant (Clinical Pathology Laboratory) Manhattan, Kansas
The Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is seeking applicants for a Research Assistant. This position will perform tests in the Clinical Pathology Laboratory; perform clinical analyzes on animal body fluids and tissues, interpret and report results, and maintain the quality system through document reviews, trend analysis for all tests as well as corrective action reports and ensuring the quality of test results.
Human Capital Assistant I Manhattan, Kansas
This position serves as the lead University Support Staff to support the recruiting, hiring and on-boarding process for extension agents and summer intern positions.
Fellow (Post Doc) Manhattan, Kansas
The power and energy group at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is looking a post-doctoral fellow with a positive attitude and excellent collaboration skills to join our cutting-edge research team and modern state of the art power electronics and smart grid laboratories. The ideal candidate will bring a strong track record in design of power electronics interfaces, electricity market and optimization, on the move energy technologies, advance control method of grid-tied renewable energy systems, control and operation of microgrids, and integration of power systems. The candidate will conduct theoretical analysis, experimental investigation, and develop new algorithms and models of energy conversion and distribution systems under the supervision of power group faculties. Furthermore, they will assist the power and energy faculties to prepare research proposal, publish high impact journals, and work closely with PhD students at KSU. It is expected that the postdoc teach 1-2 courses per year to assist the teaching demands of the power group at KSU.
Administrative Consultant (Assistant to the Chief of Staff) Manhattan, Kansas
The Assistant to the Chief of Staff reports to the Chief of Staff and Director of Community Relations, or COS, within the President’s Office. The Assistant to the Chief of Staff will assist the COS in efforts to coordinate community affairs for Kansas State University representing the President’s Office on issues related to the City of Manhattan, Riley County and the region.
Computer/Systems Specialist (College of Veterinary Medicine) Manhattan, Kansas
The College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Computer/Systems Specialist. This position supports the Diagnostic Laboratory Information Management System and the Hospital Information Management System (VetView) by maintaining and updating databases, keeping the system current on system upgrades and issues, as well as maintains and expands relationship with vendor of application. This position is also responsible for providing faculty and staff with reports and information summaries gathered from VetView data, as well as writing queries and other interfaces as needed or requested.
Dane G. Hansen & K-State Research and Extension Community Intern Other
The Wallace County Foundation is in need of a marketing plan to promote the benefits of the foundation as well as development of a county wide communications system. The intern will develop marketing techniques to enhance the awareness of foundation and increase communications between the three townships in the county.
Dane G. Hansen & K-State Research and Extension Community Intern Other
The Ad Astra Music Festival presents classical music concerts in the Russell area and is the only professional classical music institution in Northwest Kansas. The intern would be responsible for the development of media artifacts. Prior to concerts, the intern would develop media to be used for press releases, radio, television and social media. During the concerts, the intern would document the event through video and photos. After the event, video and photos would be edited, branded and distributed on social media platforms, print media, radio and television.
Dane G. Hansen Foundation & K-State Research and Extension Community Intern Other
The North Central Regional Planning Commission in is the early stages of conducting a regional food system assessment in 12 counties of North Central Kansas. The intern will work to identify and make contact with specialty crop producers, farmers’ market coordinators, health departments, extension office and consumers in the 12 county region. Paper and digital surveys will be distributed to seek knowledge on local food trends in consumption and availability of health food choices. Public outreach may include working with focus groups in the 12 county area. The intern will be responsible to interview specialty crop producers to determine product availability and possibilities for expansion.
Dane G. Hansen Foundation & K-State Research and Extension Community Intern Other
The communities of Jewell and Mankato are in the process of planning non-profit wellness centers for each community. One center will be located in the former Jewell High School and the other is to be developed in Mankato. The projects are in the early stages and conceptual plans are needed for the project to move forward.
Dane G. Hansen Foundation & K-State Research and Extension Community Intern Other
The current downtown buildings in Jewell and Mankato are old and crumbling. As buildings are torn down, a plan is needed to keep the downtown alive. The answer might be a community green space or a new building. With the assistance of an intern, Jewell and Mankato would like to develop a downtown revitalization plan to map out opportunities for the space.
Dane G. Hansen & K-State Research and Extension Community Intern Other
The community of Belleville lacks event space to meet community needs. The intern(s) will work with the community to develop a facility plan/design that will maximize potential usage for the broadest array of users. As an integral part of the community center action team, the intern(s) will assist with collecting input and presenting design ideas. The intern(s) will be part of a travel group to tour other facilities to gather ideas and information.
Marais des Cygnes Family Resource Management and Adult Development and Aging Extension Agent Other
Extension agents are professional educators who serve as a link between Kansas State University and communities across Kansas. This position will provide primary leadership for the development and implementation of research-based educational programs related to family resource management and adult development. Programming will include but is not limited to: health insurance choices and management, financial planning, budgeting and record keeping, consumer credit, taxpayer education, successful aging, family care giving and other adult development and aging topics.
Custodial Specialist Manhattan, Kansas
The Division of Facilities at Kansas State University is seeking applicants for a Custodial Specialist. This position is responsible for routine cleaning services to campus buildings to provide a clean and safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Multiple shifts available, Monday - Friday.
Dane G. Hansen & K-State Research and Extension Community Intern Other
The Dane G. Hansen Foundation & K-State Research and Extension internship gives college students the opportunity to link classroom learning with a pre-professional work experience. The intern(s) will work with property and business owners in Lincoln County, KS to help develop improvement plans for downtown storefronts and public buildings
Psychologist Manhattan, Kansas
Counseling Services at Kansas State University seeks applicants for the Psychologist position for the Manhattan, KS campus. This individual will be responsible from providing short-term individual, couple and group therapy. Supervising and training doctoral interns, along with consulting with students, faculty and staff regarding mental health issues.
Education Abroad Advisor (International Programs) Manhattan, Kansas
This position refers, advises and distributes information to faculty, students and parents regarding education abroad opportunities. Provides information regarding education abroad programming through the development and distribution of materials, forums and financial aid packages. Oversees compliance with registration and academic transfer requirements, assisting students in attaining academic credit. This position reports to the appropriate administrator. Requires a bachelor's degree and two years of relevant experience.
Assistant Scientist (Anatomy & Physiology) Manhattan, Kansas
The Department of Anatomy & Physiology and the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory with the College of Veterinary Medicine are seeking applicants for an Assistant Scientist. This position will develop, validate and perform analytical methods for the accurate and reproducible determination of drug and metabolite concentrations in biologic matrices for the Analytical Pharmacology Laboratory and the Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine.
Room Scheduling Specialist Manhattan, Kansas
Facilities Customer Service is looking for a Room Scheduling Specialist to join their team. You would be responsible for providing technical support and review of room scheduling requests for general use space at Kansas State University. Analyzing and evaluating academic, non-academic, and extracurricular event requests in order to select and assign the most appropriate space. This is a full-time position that offers benefits – medical, paid leave, retirement and tuition assistance.

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