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Current opportunities

Position Location Closes
Accountant I Manhattan, Kansas
This position is responsible for providing a pre-audit of time sensitive payments, monitoring payments to vendors, and coordinating and reconciling the University Accounting information processed through the State of Kansas Internet lnterfund initiative. Researches discrepancies between BPC statement information forwarded by the card provider and the payment information provided by the campus departments.
Fellow (Post Doc) Manhattan, Kansas
The Biomedical and Computing and Devices Lab in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering seeks a postdoctoral scholar to conduct research on devices and systems for image-guided microwave thermal therapy for cancer treatment.
Director / Professor Manhattan, Kansas
The director position is a full-time, twelve-month appointment with expectations for leading the JCRC, forming and/or leading teams of faculty members to obtain program project awards, conducting highly effective fundraising, and continuing an individual extramurally-funded cancer-related research program. The research program may be in a variety of fields related to cancer biology, including but not limited to: biochemistry, biophysics, biostatistics, cell/molecular biology, chemistry, environmental biology, epidemiology, immunology, and microbiology. The individual selected will have the credentials consistent with academic appointment at the level of full professor in one of the departments of the College of Arts & Sciences. Preference will be given to applicants with experience in an NCI-designated Cancer Center. The successful candidate should have a professional track record of proven broad leadership in funded cancer-related research, in assisting investigators in grant-writing for cancer research, both public and private, as well as for assisting faculty and/or staff in intellectual property development.
Child Development Teacher (Hoeflin Stone House Child Care Center) Manhattan, Kansas
The School of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University is seeking a Child Development Teacher which will supervise teachers and lab students in the classroom.
Child Development Teaching Assistant (Hoeflin Stone House Child Care Center) Manhattan, Kansas
The School of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University is seeking a Child Development Teaching Assistant which will supervises aides in the classroom.
Project Associate (4-H Military Partnerships Project) Manhattan, Kansas
This position coordinates support functions for the 4-H Military Partnerships Project to ensure that goals and objectives specified in grant applications are accomplished in accordance with established priorities, timelines, funding restrictions or other specification. Provides budget support for the Project. This position reports to the 4-H Military Partnerships Project Director.
Instructor (Biology) Manhattan, Kansas
The Division of Biology at Kansas State University is currently seeking two full-time instructors to teach human body lab, assist in cadaver dissection, and other introductory biology courses. One to begin August 2018 for the Fall semester and one to begin January 2019 for the Spring semester.
Research Compliance Manager (Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory) Manhattan, Kansas
The Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) is seeking applicants for a Research Compliance Manager. This position will be expected to assist in the oversight of the quality system necessary to ensure that information generated by the laboratory is in compliance with regulatory standards, primarily American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD), but also may assist with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), and GXP.
Office Specialist II (Housing & Dining Services) Manhattan, Kansas
The Office Specialist II provides opportunities to interact with a diverse customer base and provide general office support for a large, complex department. Serves as the primary conduit for customer care by performing tier one triage for incoming issues and inquiries related to resident relations.
Animal Technician II Manhattan, Kansas
This position is milking, feeding and caring for dairy cows on a daily basis. Duties included are: setting up milking equipment, puts cows into the milking stalls, attaches milking equipment to the animals and milks the cows. This position will also sanitize equipment before and after each milking session. Check the compressor, milk line and pump, and make sure bulk storage tank is operating before, during and after each milking. Inspect feed bunks, seeping in feed and feeding hay when needed. Rake manure from free stalls and levels free stall surfaces each shift. Feeding replacement heifers, cleaning calf hutches, weighing calves, assisting with vaccinations, dehorning, castration, and clipping extra teets. Recognizing common health problems of the cows is essential, like mastitis. Then taking the correct treatment. Observing "heat" or estrus in also very important. Excellent communications skills with other faculty, graduate students, hourly students and staff.
Assistant Director, NACADA Manhattan, Kansas
The NACADA Assistant Director is responsible for the administration of NACADA’s Region Division leadership while providing all levels of training and support to the 14,000-member Association’s two Region Representatives to the Council, 10 Region Chairs, 10 to 20 Region Conference Chairs, the Council, and other units and leaders within the Association. Areas of responsibility include conference contract negotiation; preparation of training materials, sessions, and operational handbooks; provision of Region website information; facilitation of communication among unit chairs and members; financial management of the 10 Region annual and cumulative budgets and 10 Region Conference annual and cumulative revenue and expense statements; and serving as the liaison between the NACADA Executive Office and the 10 program committees.
Business Manager (Arts & Sciences Shared Service Centers) Manhattan, Kansas
The Business Manager manages the Arts & Sciences Shared Service Centers by overseeing the staff performing the human resources and budget/accounting activities for University and Grant activities for the units assigned to the Centers. The incumbent will serve as the Centers' primary contact for all budget, HR, grant and audit matters.
Animal Health Care Technician (Veterinary Health Center) Manhattan, Kansas
The Veterinary Health Center is seeking applicants for an Animal Health Care Technician. This position is responsible for directing preparation of medical and surgical instruments, equipment and supplies for sterilization, ensuring proper loading of sterilization carts and functioning of sterilizers and oversees centralized storage, inventory and distribution of surgical and medical supplies. This position will also assist in procurement of surgical and medical supplies for daily hospital use and prepare schedules, daily assignments and evaluations of staff. This position will work a varying shift between 7am- 7pm.
Veterinary Technician (Anesthesiology) Manhattan, Kansas
The Veterinary Health Center (VHC) with the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Veterinary Technician. This position is responsible for providing technical services to the Anesthesiology Section in the VHC. A primary mission of the Hospital is to provide quality medical services for teaching, research and clients within the surrounding area. Quality, professional technical representation in the Anesthesia Section is critical to providing services to support this mission. Lastly, this position is responsible for coordination of animal treatments, instruct, train and supervise students and employees in approved treatment technique.
Assistant Coach--Tennis Manhattan, Kansas
ASSISTANT WOMEN'S TENNIS COACH: Assist in implementing and managing all phases of an NCAA Division I women’s tennis program. Responsibilities include but are not limited to coaching student-athletes and on- and off-campus recruiting duties, as well as daily administrative responsibilities required to run a competitive NCAA Division I women’s tennis program.
Assistant Scientist Manhattan, Kansas
The Agronomy Department at Kansas State University is looking for an Assistant Scientist. This position will coordinate daily activities with a primary focus of preparing and performing field plot research, including operation and maintenance of field plot research equipment, and other specialized research equipment. The candidate also will be responsible for overseeing greenhouse and growth chamber experiments, agronomic and forage lab equipment, preparation of seed for planting, grain and plant sample preparation and processing, data entry, and supervision of hourly student workers.
Fellow (Post Doc) Manhattan, Kansas
The Sorghum Genetics lab at Kansas State University is hiring a Fellow (Post-Doc) in crop modeling. This individual will design and conduct crop simulation model experiments for grain sorghum in water-limited environments. The goal of these experiments will be to identify water-use traits for sorghum, design water-optimized sorghum ideotypes, and predict the effect water-use traits on grain sorghum production. The individual will work with a team of field researchers and crop geneticists to integrate modeling insights into field phenotyping and genomic-assisted breeding activities.
Client Services Assistant (Veterinary Health Center) Manhattan, Kansas
The Veterinary Health Center (VHC) with the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking a Client Services Assistant. This position is responsible for providing quality client services in the Large Animal, Small Animal, and Discharge/Emergency desk areas in the VHC, as well as providing clerical and administrative support for the Client Services Manager. Hospital mission includes requirement of providing quality medical services to clients and training for professional veterinary students. Client services must be provided in a professional manner, since first impression of service quality must be established at the time of initial contact to facilitate customer satisfaction, good will, and repeat customer business.
Custodial Specialist (Temporary) Manhattan, Kansas
This part-time temporary position will work with our residence hall housekeeping team and offers weekend only hours.
Payroll Manager Manhattan, Kansas
Human Capital Services is seeking applicants for a Payroll Manager to join the team! This position administers and coordinates the daily payroll operations within Human Capital Services (HCS) using the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Processes and submits the University payroll to the Division of Accounts and Reports in Topeka and is responsible for interfaces to the Financial Information System (FIS) and the K-State Student Information System (KSIS). Also, supervises the payroll for three affiliated corporations (i.e, Intercollegiate Athletics, Inc., K-State Student Union and Student Publications).

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