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Fellow (Post Doc) Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
This postdoctoral research associate will lead independent and coordinate collaborative research to advance understanding of the relationship between soil health and microbial biodiversity, in managed and unmanaged rangelands, and in contrasting cropping systems.
Reno County 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent Other On-site requirement
Reno County, with a population of 61,516, covers 1,254 square miles in south-central Kansas. Hutchinson is the county seat and home to Hutchinson Community College. The county has 28,495 households and fourteen communities. There are six school districts within the county. Approximately 25 percent of the population are school-aged youth. This position will lead the development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive 4-H youth development program for school-aged youth in cooperation with residents, community organizations, and extension colleagues. The primary focus of this position is youth development, specifically in the areas of school enrichment, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math) programming, and continued efforts to identify new audiences to serve.
Assistant Professor/ Southwest Area Agronomist Garden City, Kansas On-site requirement
This is a tenure-track position where this person is responsible for providing leadership for extension educational programs in crops, soils, weeds, forage, and rangelands in Southwest Kansas, which includes an ability to plan, design, implement, provide training, evaluate, and market extension educational programs. The successful candidate will be expected to develop a cooperative extension and applied research program in agronomy with an interdisciplinary team of extension specialists and research scientists.
Client Services Assistant Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The Veterinary Health Center (VHC) within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a part-time Client Services Assistant. This position is responsible for providing quality client services in the Large Animal, Small Animal and Discharge Desk areas in the Veterinary Health Center, as well as providing clerical and administrative support for Client Services. Hospital mission includes requirement of providing quality medical services to clients and training for professional veterinary students. Client services must be provided in a professional manner, since first impression of service quality must be established at the time of initial contact to facilitate customer satisfaction, good will, and repeat customer business. This position is part-time varying shifts between Saturday - Sunday 8:00am- 8:00pm and Monday - Friday 2:00pm - 12:00am.
Animal Technician I- Large Animal Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The Veterinary Health Center (VHC) within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for an Animal Technician I- Large Animal. This position provides routine care and nutrition for large animals. Responsible for cleaning and disinfecting housing facilities and feeding equipment. This position reports to the appropriate administrator. No minimum requirements. Some positions may require additional education (or relevant experience) that will be specified on the position description. Various training and/or certification may be required.
Control Center Technician Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
Reorganization of the Division of Facilities has been undertaken to become more efficient and effective, as well as, operate as a First Class Customer Service provider. Core duties for this position includes: Preventive Maintenance –Perform scheduled routine preventive maintenance on all building automation; Building Automation Systems – Make all necessary repairs and component replacement on building automation systems. This includes DDC and pneumatics – Develop graphics for the EBI Honeywell System; Project Development – Participate and assist with startup and verification of new projects to ensure successful operational functionality and testing of mechanical systems is achieved; and Energy Management DDC control system – Uses DDC control drawings for direction in installing components on air handling equipment, large pumps, chillers, variable frequency drives, damper control, and other various equipment.
Animal Medical Technologist Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for an Animal Medical Technologist. This position will perform tests in the Clinical Pathology Laboratory; perform clinical analyzes on animal body fluids and tissues, interpret and report results, and maintain the quality system through document reviews, trend analysis for all tests as well as corrective action reports and ensuring the quality of test results. The expectation is to have flexible work hours when demand/program requires it and a responsibility to our Quality Program.
Research Assistant Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Research Assistant. This position has the responsibility of developing and performing laboratory experiments to develop a real time RT-PCR for various bovine and porcine pathogens. To achieve the objectives, job responsibilities include; handling and processing various animal specimens, nucleic acid extraction of both RNA and DNA using high-throughput magnetic bead extraction methods and other nucleic acid extraction methods, real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection of a variety of animal pathogens, viral expansion in cell culture, bacterial isolation and identification, and conducting scientific literature searches.
HVAC Technician Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The HVAC Technician position is responsible for performing preventive maintenance and all repairs on central heating and air conditioning systems, exhaust fans, and fume hoods. It also includes troubleshooting and repairing refrigeration, electrical, electronic, and plumbing components.
Research Associate Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The department of Anatomy and Physiology within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Research Associate. This is a research position. The person who is hired to position will have the responsibility to plan and conduct experiments under the supervision of the PI, keep laboratory records, help the PI to prepare research proposal and manuscripts, and monitor and order laboratory supplies.
Applications Developer II Manhattan, Kansas Hybrid and/or Remote eligible (must reside in US)
The purpose of this position is to assist with IT matters such as application development and maintenance, web/mobile design and development, developing software programs, as well as any other duties assigned by the supervisor.
Accounting Coordinator Manhattan, Kansas Hybrid eligible (partially remote, must reside in US)
The Accounting Coordinator is responsible for high level accounting tasks such as account audit, post-award accounting, fund management and budgeting.
Director, Engineering Extension Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The Director works with other Engineering Extension personnel to identify and secure the extramural funding to support the programs and operations and to complete the activities funded. The Director leads the efforts to grow and improve the Engineering Extension programs. The Director identifies potential collaboration between Engineering Extension other extension, research, and education activities in the college and university and leads efforts to implement that collaboration and integration. The Director is expected to secure and conduct extramurally funded extension or research activities of his or her own to provide the support for all of his or her salary and also contribute to the overall support of Engineering Extension operations.
Training Support Specialist Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
Facilities is hiring a Training Support Specialist. This position supports K-State’s mission of learning, scholarship, creative endeavor, and research by creating and maintaining an environment which contributes to the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This position plays an integral role in maintaining and sustaining university structural assets.  This position exists to design, develop, and conduct specialized training for both newly hired and tenured custodial personnel at Kansas State University.  Coursework will include both classroom and practice-oriented instruction.  Topics will include but will not be limited to the science of cleaning, safety, procedural techniques, customer satisfaction, preventative maintenance, chemicals, ergonomics, equipment operation, the "why", and both Zone and OS1 performance operating systems.  This is a new position designed to enhance overall performance and consistency of services.  It will serve as a natural progression of advancement, ensuring development of personnel and strategic succession planning.
Administrative Consultant Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The administrative consultant in Human Resources (HR) provides executive level administrative support to the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and supports HR leadership through coordinating and overseeing administrative operations, project management, and strategic priorities. Serves as the principal point of contact for the office of the CHRO and acts as the liaison to university stakeholders. Develops and produces accurate and professional communications for the division including digital, print communications and website updates for HR. Manages, coordinates and supports HR projects including major initiatives, programming, retreats, planning sessions or other special projects or events. Serves as a member of the HR leadership team. Provides oversight for HR front desk operations and supervises the HR Office Specialist. Serves as the budget manager for HR by managing payment processes, coordinating reimbursements, and reviewing budget reports. In all of the responsibilities of the position, the administrative consultant exercises upmost discretion and confidentiality in day-to-day activities and positively represents Kansas State University and HR. Requires a bachelor's degree and five years of relevant experience.
Fellow (Post Doc) Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The Wheat Genetics Resource Center (WGRC) at Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS) is actively seeking a Fellow (Post Doc). The WGRC is looking for a highly motivated and open-minded candidate to join a multidisciplinary team of researchers working on diverse basic and applied aspects of wheat genetics and genomics and whose focus will be on the development of resources, tools, and strategies to discover, characterize and effectively utilize genetic diversity of wheat and its wild relatives for wheat improvement.
Extension Ag Economist- KFMA NE Council Grove Other On-site requirement
The Kansas Farm Management Association (KFMA) Northeast is seeking applicants to fill the role of an Extension Agricultural Economist in our Council Grove, KS office. The responsibilities of an Extension Agricultural Economist are varied but center around providing education and consultation to KFMA member farms in the area of farm business management. KFMA Economists strive to provide cooperating farms with resources to make informed financial, production, and tax management decisions.
Research Assistant Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The Akhunov lab in the Department of Plant Pathology is seeking a Research Assistant to work in collaboration with the USDA wheat genetics breeding program to manage the greenhouse crossing and laboratory marker evaluation program for trait introgression into wheat. These are critical activities in the development of wheat germplasm with new traits or combinations of traits. The position provides leadership for greenhouse and laboratory operations, managing aspects of the breeding and selection. The record-keeping associated with the position is critically important to the success of the breeding effort. The position supervises undergraduate employees associated with the project, and the position provides liaison with the USDA-ARS genotyping laboratory and KSU Integrated Genomics Facility, which houses critical equipment resources.
Animal Technician II Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
This position is responsible for the daily operation and preventive maintenance of the feed equipment. This person has the responsibility of mixing feed to specific standards. Failure to perform satisfactorily may result in loss of milk production, animal death, and inaccurate research results..
Veterinary Nurse I Intern Manhattan, Kansas On-site requirement
The Veterinary Health Center within the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Veterinary Nurse I Intern. This Veterinary Nurse I (Limited Term) Intern position provides an opportunity for professional growth in the Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center. An outstanding graduate veterinary nurse will be selected to obtain high-quality, enhanced technical experience and training through employment in defined specialty areas. The objective of this position is to enhance employee marketability for private practice and/or assist with obtaining two years of post-graduate experience to qualify for future Veterinary Nurse II openings in the KSU-VHC.

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